Review: 757 Captain III

CaptainSim has been within the flight sim industry for a while now and they have many high quality add-ons in their product portfolio. CaptainSim started developing planes back in 1999, so we can tell that they are very experienced, and we got the chance to review one of their most popular products. The 757 Captain III.


The 757 Captain III, representing the Boeing 757 aircraft, was developed with high level of detail on the external model especially on the fuselage but we are still waiting for PBR textures. You will be very pleased with the overall look of the aircraft. Pratt and Whitney engines looking spectacular on the model. You can toggle the engine covers, pitot tube “remove before flight” covers or even the emergency slides. I was really impressed with that feature. The only thing that looks a bit buggy is the navigation wings lighting when using the model with winglets, but nothing you need to worry about.


Cockpit looks very good comparing to real 757. For example the cockpit of 757 Captain III looks better than QualityWings 757 cockpit and more buttons are clickable which is a big plus. The systems are working just fine. the autopilot is programmed well too. CaptainSim modeled the entire cabin. If you are bored during flights, you can just fly through the cabin and enjoy for example modeled lavatory with animated doors or working TV screens. The main doors may be opened from the cabin as well by just clicking on them, so be careful while flying. And another cool feature: if you are feeling alone in the aircraft, spawn a flight attendant right by the main door!


After a short time period I was able to fly this plane without any problems. If you are familiar with any of the current Boeing aircraft, you will learn how to fly this plane very quickly. The aircraft handling is good and you will have a good time flying it for sure. I tested ILS landing for examples and no issues at all! There is only one thing I want to criticize and that’s the reverse thrust. In the previous versions of 757 Captain III I wasn’t able to active idle or 50% reverse thrust, only 100%. But everything looks good in the latest version so make sure to have your product updated.


  • All-new custom night lighting.
  • Cockpit states management via FMC.
  • Complete passenger cabin with in-flight entertainment system.
  • High resolution textures.
  • Aux 2D panels.
  • Custom views including wing views.
  • TrueGlass rain effects.

  • Highly detailed and accurate model of the Boeing 757-200 with PW2037/2040 engines.
  • 4- and 5-door configurations.
  • Numerous variants of optional equipment (winglets, antennas, etc)
  • Cabin with 3D windows, interior, passengers, stewardess and animated pilots.
  • Hundreds of realistic animations including wing flex.
  • Custom visual effects including volumetric exterior lighting.
  • High resolution textures.
  • Integrated GPU.

  • Realistic flight model
  • Authentic PW engines sound set (TSS)
  • ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor)
  • Hundreds of easily installable free liveries
  • Repaint kit
  • Flights (Cold-n-dark, Ready for takeoff, Autoland)
  • Navigraph FMC navdata including Terminal Procedures with AIRAC support
  • 790+ pages Manual
  • Sim Ops

You can buy the 757 Captain III from CaptainSim store.


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