3.10.2022 – 21:31z

Axonos Releases Palm Springs for X-Plane

Palm Springs International Airport serves as the gateway to one of California’s most sought-after tourist destinations, and now, after two months of waiting from its last previews, it is available as the most recent expansion from Axonos for X-Plane 11 and 12.

This airport initially served as a military base in the 40s. Nowadays, its purpose is like any other commercial airport. Despite that, Palm Springs Airport is particularly popular for its transit options to other popular places such as Las Vegas or Dallas.

Of the notable features, it is worth mentioning the 4K textures, which are largely visible on the ground. Additionally, Axonos made sure to feature enhanced orthophoto imagery accompanied by hand-placed markings, trees, ground equipment, and more authentic objects.

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All of this is waiting for you at a starting price of $19.95 here.

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