4.12.2022 – 17:12z

FlightSim Studio Embraer 175 Showcased

For the very first time, FlightSim Studio has showcased their upcoming rendition of Embraer 175 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. AviationLads has shared this first look through their YouTube channel.

In the video, AviationLads has namely showed the exterior model and effects of this narrow-body jet. The interior and systems preview should come out very soon in a separate movie. This aircraft is still deeply work in progress though.

On the video, we can see a number of different liveries showcased. The model of the Embraer 175 seems to be very detailed, with accurate panel lines, PBR textures, wonderful animations and an impressive lighting system. All of this combined with the Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to create a super immersive simulation of Embraer we have not yet experienced.

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Unfortunately, the team of FlightSim Studio hasn’t yet shown any more of this beautiful rendition. The community doesn’t know when this aircraft is going to release, whether it is going to be a study level or what is going to be its pricing model.

Stay tuned on FSNews to gather future information about this project by FlightSim Studio. FlightSim Studio has also worked together with Stairport Sceneries on Kassel Airport scenery for X-Plane.

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