13.6.2023 – 18:22z

Hype Performance Group Announces 747 Supertanker And Firefighting Add-on

The development team at Hype Performance Group has announced on their website their new Boeing 747 SuperTanker, built upon the default Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 747. This beaufitul aircraft allows you to fight wildland fires or even fly offshore to conduct marine oil spill cleanup operations.

The Boeing 747 SuperTanker is one of a few aerial fighting airtankers which derived from various 747 models. This aircraft is able to carry up to 19,600 US gallons (74,000 L). They are the largest aerial firefighting aircraft in the world. It was introduced in 2009 and only 3 were ever built.

The Hype Performance Group team has included tanker systems, a drop station panel, CPS system, custom ground handling among a multitude of other features. A number of custom sounds and effects have been included which enhances the immersion and provide realistic scenarios.

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A King Air 350i is also provided which can be controlled by the pilot which allows you to direct AI controlled SuperTankers to their mission targets.

The mission scenarios are created within Hype Performance Group’s built-in mission system which allows simmers to generate random missions within MSFS. The Hype Performance Group Mission Editor allows users to build and import custom missions with an easy-to-use user interface. The Mission Editor also contains a live map which shows the location of other online Hype Performance Group SuperTankers.

Hype Performance Group’s 747 SuperTanker will be available to purchase on their website on June 16th for $19.99.

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