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As flight simulation grows, it is becoming more challenging every day to ensure that all events happening are being covered. Due to that, we are actively looking for passionate flight simulation enthusiasts to join the team.

HR Manager

Finding new people for expanding the team is a challenging part of running such a project and therefore we are looking for an HR Manager. This person should have at least basic experience with flight simulation.

video producer

We would like to expand our team with a capable video producer. This position requires not only the ability to work with a video editing software, but a certain knowledge of flight simulation as well.

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Marketing Director

Marketing is a huge part of running a business. We are looking for flight simulation enthusiast with interest in expanding and sharing awareness of the project. Experience is a huge benefit.

We reserve the right to reject any application without giving a reason. If you pass the form, we will contact you via email. Positions at the FSNews Team are voluntary and unpaid – do not expect financial reward.