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FSNews is an online flight simulation news site that focuses on covering all major flight simulation platforms including X-Plane, Prepar3D, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the industry growing substantially every month, it is becoming harder to make sure every event gets enough attention.

During your time at the FSNews Team, you will have a chance to meet other enthusiastic flight simmers spread across the whole world. There is a small financial reward available.

For legal reasons, we have an age limit active set. You can only apply for a position at FSNews if you’ve reached the age of 15. You will be prompted to sign an NDA prior to joining the team.

Open Positions

Are you a flight simulation enthusiast with a wide knowledge of the industry and available addons? This is the right position for you. You will not only cover news but will also work on reviews and other editorials with a team spread across the whole world.

Application Form

Thank you for reading through our open positions. If you want to apply for a position at the FSNews Team, feel free to do so through the Google Forms we have prepared. If you have any questions, you can either contact us through our Contact Form or Discord server.