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disclaimer: this article is about X-plane 11 products.

FlightFactor A320 Ultimate

FlightFactor A320 Ultimate is considered the best aircraft for X-Plane 11. It is a study-level A320-214 with very realistic flight model and physics. Although it is a great plane it is also very demanding on PC. There are over 40 processes running on background which ensure the realism of the systems and plane itself, so a good processor is a requirement.

You can purchase the aircraft for 89,95$ 79,95$ here.

ToLiss A319

If you have a slower PC and lower budget, this aircraft is perfect for you. The ToLiss A319 has few mistakes and bugs, but for the price, it’s a really good deal. Unlike the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, even slower PCs can run it without any problems.

You can purchase this aircraft for 69$ 56$ here or if you’re still not sure you can read our review here.

FlightFactor Boeing 757 v2 Professional Extended

If you want to fly some long-range flights, this aircraft is probably the best choice. There are many other long-range aircraft for X-Plane 11, but this is probably the best one. Like the A320, it’s very demanding on the PC. Not many people can afford it since the price tag is usually very high, but you can now purchase it just for 75$.

You can purchase this aircraft for 92$ 75$ here.

FlyJSim 732 TwinJet V3 Pro

Do you like old school jets? This 737-200 is right for you. Since I don’t own this aircraft, I can’t describe the details, but there are rumors that it is a really good plane. It usually costs 70$, but there is a big discount right now.

You can purchase this aircraft for 69,95$ 49$ here.

Active Sky XP

As the description says, Active Sky XP brings a realistic, high-performance and high-fidelity weather experience to the X-Plane 11 platform. If you want to move your flight sim on a whole new level, you should totally purchase this addon. If you’re still not sure what the plugin does, it synchronizes real-world weather with the weather in-game. Although there is that option (real-world weather) in the X-Plane also, the differences are indescribable.

You purchase this product for 35,99$ 25,19$ here.

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