LatinVFR San Diego KSAN v2 – Review

LatinVFR is one of the best scenery builders out there and we got the chance to make a review on LatinVFR San Diego KSAN v2. We would like to say thank you to the whole LatinVFR team for making this possible.

San Diego airport is located on the east coast of the USA. It has a challenging approach which makes this airport very popular between pilots in real life and in the flight sim community as well, and that’s why LatinVFR decided to make this fabulous scenery.

Version 2 of LatinVFR KSAN v2 includes native ground polygons which has been designed all on the P3Dv4 SDK. You can enjoy a 30 mile radius of photo scenery and autogen. The city also comes with this scenery. We personally like the most the parking lot right in front of runway 27 which is perfectly moddeled.

Feature List

  • Scenery completely and exclusively designed for P3Dv4, only V4 SDK code on all scenery elements.
  • Extremely realistic airport and surrounding buildings
  • Interior modeling on terminals.
  • Native ground polygons, with bump and specular maps.
  • Photo scenery and autogen, covering 30 square Miles
  • Detailed city (downtown) and major landmarks.
  • Approach path for runway 27 extremely detailed and done with a customized 3D mesh (5 meters)
  • Extremely detailed customized 5 Meters mesh.
  • Animated CTRL+J jetways
  • SODE Jetways
  • AFX file representing actual airline parking positions.
  • Excellent night techniques, realistic runway lighting according to official documents of the airport.
  • Dynamic lighting .
  • Tested and compatible with all other terrain add-ons of the area.
  • scenery configurator tool.
  • Much more…..    


The scenery looks great and with the combination of details which is KSAN v2 offering, the overall feel is just amazing. Terminals and jetways are looking good as well. You can either use Animated CTRL+J jetways or update to SODE jetways. I can’t wait for my next landing at this airport. At the other side you can feel a small FPS impact when looking at the city.

You can purchase this awesome scenery of San Diego International Airport for P3Dv4 from the official LatinVFR website.