Review: Nimbus Simulation Chicago O’Hare (KORD) Scenery

O’Hare International Airport, also known as Chicago O’Hare or O’Hare, is an international airport located 23 kilometers northwest of the Chicago city center. The airport is the main hub for United Airlines and serves over 80 million passengers annually. The airport operates eight runways and is the fourth busiest airport in the world.

Terminal buildings

Nimbus Simulation did a very good job modeling and designing the terminal buildings. Since the airport has five terminal buildings, it might’ve been a challenge to model such an airport, but Nimbus handled it quite well. I would not say, that it’s perfect since some terminals look better than others (an example can be seen below), but overall Nimbus did a great job modeling and designing the terminals, at least from the outside.

What do I mean by “(…), at least from outside.“? Nimbus Simulation also modeled and designed the interior, and in my opinion, it would be a nice feature if it would be well done. As you can see below, overall the interior looks great, but there are few bugs which should be fixed as soon as possible since it can really ruin the experience, at least if you care about the interior.

Runway, taxiway, and gate

Well, I have nothing to say here. Nimbus Simulation did probably the best looking runway, taxiway and gate model + design I’ve had seen. As you can see below, the scenery features high-resolution tarmac texture with a very nice wear design. Very accurate with even the slightest details. Great job made by Nimbus 🙂

Airport surroundings

The scenery does not include the city of Chicago, but only the airport itself and close surroundings, which is not very usual and not many scenery developers do that since the city panorama makes the approach and landing more realistic. What I especially like is how accurately the buildings and vehicles are placed on the ortho photo base.


In conclusion, Nimbus Simulation did a very good job for an airport such size. If you’re flying around the USA, I would consider this airport a must-have. Even though I have a slower machine, I did not had a single problem running this scenery.

Version reviewed: v3

If you want to purchase the scenery, you can do so on Store for 27,85 USD.


  • New 4K orthophotos
  • Winter and summer textures
  • New L concourse
  • Terminals with 3D interior and people
  • HDR lights
  • New 4K textures with PBR materials for the main terminals
  • Night lighting
  • New ground textures with PBR materials
  • New high-quality vehicles with PBR material
  • 3D trees
  • Parking lots full of cars
  • Ground markings on each gate and runway
  • Numbered jetways
  • 8 runways
  • New NE cargo area
  • Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5 fully modeled with all concourses
  • South and North Tower
  • Every gate has a start position
  • Files for empty airport or static planes
  • WT3 ready (files included)
  • Airport surroundings represented

Animated Airport

  • World Traffic 3 ready (files included)
  • GroundTraffic (plugin by Marginal)
  • AutoGate plugin with custom highly detailed jetways
  • Animated people inside the terminals
  • NEW!! – Information screens that shows time, pressure, temperature, destination airport, departure time, delay and the amount of delay

Author: George

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