Review: True Shadows

MWP Projects has recently published their True Shadows plugin. You might guess from the plugin name, that is has something to do with shadows, and that is true. Before I get to the review, I would like to say thank you to MWP Projects for making this review possible.

What it actually does?

I will use the words of developer – With True Shadows you can forget about the “Square” shadows in your simulator. Instead of just describing it, I will put some screenshots without the plugin and with the plugin.


In conclusion, MWP Projects made a very useful plugin which is moving the game design on a whole new level. The reason why you might not want to purchase this plugin is the price tag. True Shadows costs 16 USD. I was thinking quite a long time if I should tell you, that it’s too much for such a plugin, or that you should go and buy it right now. And I ended up with the 2nd option – I would not pay 16 USD for basic shadow plugin, but this plugin took the bad part of the sim and made it good. In the case of quality, there is nothing I could complain about.

You can purchase the plugin from X-Plane Store.

Author: George

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