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SmartCopilot – Review

SmartCopilot from Sky4Crew is only “working” add-on for X-Plane 11 that gives you the opportunity to fly with your friend in one plane. Since it’s the only addon that can do that, Sky4Crew price for it isn’t small. SmartCopilot costs 20€ and that is in my opinion too much for such addon. The reason why I think that will be included in this review.


You can download a demo on Sky4Crew website. It works the same as paid version but there’s catch that your friend can’t do anything in the cockpit, he can just spectate what you’re doing. To be honest that’s not very enjoyable.


At least I would consider normal for that price, that Sky4Crew would include at least configs for some frequently flown aircraft, but no, they didn’t. They included a manual on how to create config by yourself, which to be honest is bad. Most configs are made by the community and are not working 100%. So the range of aircraft you can fly with your friend without making your own config is small.

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Connection problem

If you want to play with your friend you or your friend will need to have a static IP address, which not everybody has. If you don’t have that, you will need to download a VPN. I would personally recommend Hamachi, it is simple to set up and run, the only disadvantage is that you will need to register an account on Hamachi to make it work. In terms of internet speed, your internet shouldn’t be slower than 10Mb/s (upload and download).


When I was playing with my friend we experienced quite a lot of problems in synchronization. I don’t know if it was caused by a wrong config or something else, but it was quite annoying. For example on my screen autopilot was off and on my friends screen it was on, or autopilot data wasn’t showing for me, but for my friend they were. You might say that it was the wrong config, but we were flying with that config multiple times and it happened 2/4 times. This is quite a bad score for something that costs 20€.

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UI / Setup

In my opinion, Sky4Crew did their best work on the UI, which is not best, but useable. I would give that 7/10. You just need to insert your and your friends IP and connect. This part is short because there isn’t much I can write about.


In my opinion, SmartCopilot is not finished at all. Sky4Crew has a long journey in front of them before they fully finish this addon. Synchronization doesn’t work, which is the main thing you are buying this for. Only good thing there is on the addon is the UI, which could be better, but it’s fine.

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I wish Sky4Crew good luck with their addon.

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