PMDG Unveils New 737 for MSFS Features

Robert Randazzo has this Saturday shared some information about the upcoming updates for their recently released 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As usual, the developer shared this information through their forums.

This particular update should’ve been released last week. However, due to a sudden switch in the development focus, this didn’t happen. On the other hand, Robert said that we could expect an update for the 737 this week.

The update is going to bring a significant feature, important mainly for home cockpit users. The PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to get pop-up displays. This feature has been around in almost every PMDG product since the days of FSX. Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft gave them the recommendation to add this feature.

Of course, the update is going to bring some bug fixes as well. However, the full changelog is going to be released once PMDG finalized the update.

A little further down into the dev update, Robert spoke about the PMDG Flight Tablet. According to him, this feature is coming along nicely towards its testing phase. This tablet is going to replace the Boeing-inspired EFB, which is now available in the PMDG 737 NGXu for Prepar3D. This tablet is going to be the home base of all aircraft operations, such as ground services, fuel and payload, equipment and more.

This is a significant change over the current options menu found in the FMC. The tablet is going to be available in all future aircraft series releases by PMDG.

Lastly, PMDG said that in the next week’s development update, we can expect the previews of the 737-600 variant. This is expected to release in June.

If you’d like to see more of PMDG’s development, you can read our other article here.

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PMDG Confirms 737NG3 Pricing and Release Time

Robert Randazzo, the CEO of PMDG, has once again taken to their forums to give some more information about the upcoming and certainly most anticipated addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The PMDG 737NG3 will release between 1700z and 2359z on Monday the 9th of May for a promotional price of $69.99. Upon the release of the -600 variant, the price will rise to 74,99$. The developers already announced the release date in a Youtube video.

Robert has also stated the timeline of the development of the PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The second variant to release will be the 737-600 it will come out around the 20th of June for approximately 50$. Next in line will be the -800 around the 1st of August for a price equal to the -700. The last variant to release will be the -900 around the first quarter of September for a price that is yet to be announced.

The CEO of PMDG also reminded us how the 737NGXU move up program will work. As said before, if the user purchased the PMDG’s 737 NGXU back in 2019 during the special promotion. He is eligible for a 99$ credit that he can use on any of PMDG’s products.

You will be able to purchase the 737NG3 through the PMDG website and the MSFS marketplace. Keep in mind that the 99$ credit is only applicable on PMDG’s website.

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TFDi Design Updates on MD-11 and PACX

Well known addon developer TFDi Design has recently taken to their forums to give a 2022 development update, namely featuring new information on their MD-11 for MSFS and P3D as well as an new information on their popular PACX plugin and more.


The development update starts by detailing their progress on the MD-11 which will be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as P3D and possibly older sims like FSX. TFDi stated their team has been hard at work in the background and have made significant progress they are proud to show.

TFDi have also included that their art team is well underway constructing the addon, and airframe variations have begun on their cargo and Pratt & Whitney variation of the addon. Finally, TFDi details that system progression is well underway, with cockpit displays and systems as well as autopilot systems making great progress.

Although TFDi are heavily optimistic in their progression, they have not stated a release date for the project.

PACX Plugin

TFDi have detailed that they are also paying attention to their PACX plugin, with a recently update on the 28th of April including many new features like the new “start flight” experience which offers a better look at cabin and seating layout.

The update also features more in flight customization options, such as better control of the custom card announcement and more.

Another big addition included in the update is the new in-flight entertainment system, offering a live map view of the flight, view news from FSElite, and listen to either of JetStream Radio’s music channels. A full changelog of the update can be viewed here.

TFDi finally mentions that a new voice pack update is in the works which will include more voice announcements in different languages and accents.


TFDi stated that they are not confident in giving release dates to ensure quality of their products. The post also includes information about JetStream Radio and smartCARS 3.

The full post is available to be read here.

Credit to Olafie#2111 from our Discord for the reminder.

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X-Crafts Updates on their E-Jets Family

In their “Not-A-Newsletter” series, Marko Mamula, the director of X-Crafts, has given a new update on their upcoming and much anticipated E-Jets Family for X-Plane.

The developers are currently working on the autopilot. They are focusing on the implementation of autopilot modes such as VNAV or Flight Level Change. Since the E-Jets are very automated, this process is long and difficult. Ten real-world pilots are testing the flight model of the add-on. Thanks to that, the user will be able to experience an add-on behaving like the real aircraft.

The instruments are 90% done. The team has nearly finished the soundpack and is now working on the EFB. It will contain takeoff and landing performance pages. The developers have also finished the Tekton FMS, the authentic one is the next WIP. They have finished the models of the E175 and E195.

Marko has also mentioned a very important point, what he calls the “iceberg”. He said that initially every feature seems straightforward but once they start working on it, issues and limitations of the simulator come up which makes the development more complicated.

If you wish to learn more about the development of this add-on, I suggest you take a look at my latest article here.

NB The most recent update did not include any new previews, hence all previews in this article are from previous development updates.

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Rotate MD-11 for X-Plane Releasing March 24th

Through a video on the YouTube channel, Rotate has formally announced the release date of their long-awaited McDonell Douglas MD-11 for X-Plane 11. The addon will release on March 24th, 2022; in two days.

The MD-11 has been in development for almost five years. The release date announcement video was published during CptCanada‘s and Q8Pilot‘s live-streams flying the aircraft for the first time on their channels.

The price was unofficially confirmed by the Store. It is expected to be set somewhere around $80 to $90. It is still not final though and is yet to be confirmed by Rotate.

From the available videos, however, we can expect to enjoy high-resolution textures. Naturally, with PBR materials and wear and tear details. The sounds are also previewed, founded on which we think custom FMOD sounds will be included. The addon also delivers animated doors, hatches and even the cargo itself.

The video starts by showcasing the cold and dark aircraft at Victorville Airport. With more and more units being retired every year, this part of the video suggests that the aircraft is long forgotten.

Later in the video, the aircraft systems are being turned on presumably indicating that it is not over and that the aircraft will not be forgotten in the desert afterall. Nonetheless, this gives us a very good view of the flight deck in detail.

The aircraft in the video then takes off and we get a better view of the overall exterior model and texturing it. Clearly, along with everything else, the developers have focused on recreating the wear and tear details on the exterior. That works great together with the fact, that it is just not a brand new aircraft.

In the second half of the video, you can notice the custom ground handling set that will be included in the addon. Either controlled through the EFB in the cockpit or the user interface.

You can watch the full video announcing the release date below:

Rotate has last time reported about the development back in early February earlier this year. You can read more about that in our other article from Darun by clicking here.

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FSLabs Confirms NEO and Gives Development Update

After some speculations, FSLabs’ Andrew Wilson has confirmed in a post on their forums that the developers are currently working on a NEO version of one of their aircraft.

It all started with a picture of a CFM LEAP engine posted as the cover on their Facebook page. Andrew Wilson has also said that the team is actually working on this project for some time.

Along with that NEO teaser, the team at FSLabs gave a development update about all their add-ons.

Concerning the A320-X Series, they are working on implementing new features within the FMGS. Such as a new infrastructure that includes lateral offsets. They are now reworking the logic around holds. In their next update, any customer who owns one of their SL titles will also be able to use the EFB in any of their A320-X Series aircraft.

About their rendition of the Concorde, Lefteris stated that excellent progress is being made. They will soon start to show previews. It is full of features, details and immersions, according to him.

Regarding the A3XX Series, we should expect an announcement this year. They are starting to allocate resources to this project. We don’t know yet what it will be. Many users think that it will be an A340. The data for the A350 is still hard to get and there is already an A330 on the Prepar3D market in the form of the Aerosoft A330.

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DC Designs Reveals Concorde Release Date and Further Previews

In their Friday News Update on Facebook, the team at DC Designs has announced the release date of their rendition of the Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on will be released on March 30th, 2022. The price tag has already been defined. It will cost 39,99$ for new users and 35,99$ for those who already own the DC Concorde for Prepar3D.

The Concorde is progressing well. The developers have added the selector dials that control how much fuel is transferred into which tanks each time, allowing fine control of Concorde’s Centre of Gravity when in flight. It is important for balance reasons but also for when using the automatic fuel-transfer system.

In addition to that, the developers have finished multi-selectable set-ups for blue, yellow and green systems. They have specified that not all three systems will have any effect on the Concorde.

The Concorde is now fully functional. The team will now start working on the manual and final testing. The Youtuber CorporatePilotDad will be the first to preview the add-on on his Youtube channel.

If you wish to learn more about the DC Designs’ Concorde development I suggest you have a look at my previous article.

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X-Crafts Further Previews and Updates on E-Jets Family

X-Crafts has taken to their Facebook page to further preview and to give an update on their upcoming E-Jets Family.

The developers have almost finished working on the cockpit, the cabin models, the animations as well as the instruments. They are currently working on an authentic FMS, custom systems and avionics, a new custom EFB, a highly accurate flight model and new FMOD sounds.

Along with that Marko Mamula, the X-Crafts CEO shared some statistics on the development. This project started over 900 days ago, he crossed 3000 hours working on it. There are currently five developers involved in the development of the E-Jets family.

Marko also showed a comparison of the instruments of their current rendition of the E195 and their new E-Jets.

Regarding the X-Plane 12 compatibility, Marko stated that they most likely won’t be ready for the day of the release of X-Plane 12. He said that they cannot start adapting their E-Jets to X-Plane 12 until it’s stable enough.

Although the release date hasn’t been disclosed, the add-on is expected to be released this year. The price tag is still unknown.

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PMDG Shares New Development Update

Robert Randazzo, the CEO of PMDG, has taken to their forums to share some news about their now in beta 737NG3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is one of PMDG’s most anticipated add-ons.

Robert has stated that the development is going the right way. Their team is now testing the aircraft and finding bugs and issues. The bugs found by the testers are corrected by the development team. At the end of the third week of testing, the testers had found 110 issues. Out of those 110 issues, the developers resolved 106.

The CEO said that the add-on is doing slightly better than he would expect for a new product for a completely new platform. The number of problems they are facing due to the PMDG platform interface is dropping rapidly. This means that the platform side of the NG3 is quite stable and the known issues are being worked on.

They continue to work on the system side while beginning to work on improvements on the visual side such as dust, dirt, stains and wear. To illustrate that, Robert attached 2 screenshots of the CDU and the Lower DU from his testing work. On those, we can see some dust and fingerprint details.

Along with this update, Robert Randazzo has stated that he is working on preview videos in partnership with Drzewiecki Design. If you wish to learn more about the development of the NG3, I suggest you have a look at George’s article.

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FlightFactor Showcases 757 in X-Plane 12

One of the leading aircraft development groups in the community, FlightFactor, has earlier this week for the first time showcased one of their aircraft in the next generation of X-Plane as well as has further detailed compatibility of their addons with the platform.

The developers have last time addressed this topic back in February 2022 in a live Q&A when they have merely confirmed, that they plan on supporting the platform once it is publicly released. Clearly, the plans have changed as we already have some previews of their aircraft, from X-Plane 12, available.

In addition, Ramzess from FlightFactor has also mentioned that both the 757 and 767 will be available and ready upon the initial launch. However, to be precise, and maybe a bit nitpicky, he wrote: “we can safely say that the models will be flyable in X-Plane 12 at sim launch!“.

It has not been further detailed what he meant by “flyable“. When it comes to pricing, the developers have previously announced that updates will be paid if there is a lot of work to be done. Unfortunately, no new information was disclosed on that topic.

If you’re wondering about the well-known Airbus A320 Ultimate, no new information was uncovered, however, the team has guaranteed that there will be a follow-up with more details.

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