X-Plane 12 Pricing Announced & Status Update

X-Plane 12 is going to be, after Microsoft Flight Simulator, the next major simulator version to launch to flight simmers. We reported earlier about developers already working on converting their addons to the new simulator. Today, we got an update directly from Laminar Research. It also mentions X-Plane 12’s price.

In the post, Thomson Meeks of Laminar Research has shared a brief update on various features, shared new previews showcasing what the simulator can do, and mainly, shared information about the early access of X-Plane 12 as well as the pricing.

And with that said, we now know for certain that X-Plane 12 will cost $59.99 just like in previous times. This is the same price as Microsoft Flight Simulator’s standard edition is retailing at. Thomson has further also confirmed that everyone will be able to purchase X-Plane 12. During the early access, X-Plane 12 keys will also include access to X-Plane 11.

He also reassured Steam users, that early access will also be available there.

When it comes to X-Plane 12 features, the team is currently doing final tests of the new flight model, improving 3D trees, fixing bugs in the volumetric cloud system, or improving global performance.

What has, on the other hand, been completed is the new user interface, majority of the default aircraft addons, or fully animated jetways on default airports. Further, the team has completed work on FMOD sounds for ground vehicles, or rain and snow shaders for airports and global scenery.

The expected release of the Early Access version of X-Plane 12 remains unknown. In the meantime, you can take a look at what developers have planned for X-Plane 12 by browsing through our archives here. We also have an up-to-date X-Plane 12 hub here summarising all the WIP addons.

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Fenix Sim Announces A320 for MSFS Pricing

Through a post on their blog, Fenix Sim’s founder Aamir has shared an extensive development update focusing on their much-anticipated Airbus A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Promising to be the first high fidelity payware Airbus addon, the development update allows us to get a better idea of what can we expect upon the initial release.

Further, Fenix Sim has announced the price of the addon. Aamir clarified that they believe the market is larger. Thus, flight simmers should not pay hundreds of pounds to experience the care and attention put into a high fidelity aircraft.

Consequently, the price of the Fenix Sim A320 for MSFS was set to £49.99. That is equal to roughly €59 or $62. Aamir has confirmed that there are no hidden fees or local taxes. The £49.99 is the final price the customer will be charged if they want to make the purchase.

The development update also details the liveries we will be able to fly with upon the official launch. Aamir has commented that there will be 181 livery packages upon the release. Each package will then have a couple of additional variants.

The addon will also feature a fully modelled 3D cabin with accurate dynamic sound effects, working seatbelt signs, and a functioning cockpit door.

Fenix Sim has also lifted the NDA prohibiting beta and alpha testers from sharing their experiences and footage of the addon. Thus, you can now watch a number of streams showcasing the aircraft in action. You can watch streams from playback or videos from Chewwy94, Sh3ed, 320 Sim Pilot, or flightdeck2sim.

This release will follow the release of another big project, the PMDG 737-700, which was released just earlier this month.

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FlightFactor Previews 787 Seat Models

Aircraft developer FlightFactor has recently published some new previews of their first addon in their “Pro” series, being the modern 787 Dreamliner. The long time developers have taken to Facebook to share some minor previews of their work in progress 787 economy seats.

In the previews, the seats can be seen painstakingly detailed, including minute details like lifejackets, in-flight entertainment screens, seatbelts, and more.

Although FlightFactor has not shared any information on release dates, they have presumably been working behind the scenes on the new addon and seem to be making good progress. Based on previous previews, we can assume much of the modelling is finished and they are now working on finalising texturing as well as systems programming, although FlightFactor have not confirmed this.

As well as the 787, FlightFactor are also working on a V2 for their highly popular 777 addon. You can view our articles on the progress of that addon here.

More articles on FlightFactor’s 787 can be found here.

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PMDG Hopes to Release 737 for MSFS Next Week

Robert S. Randazzo from PMDG continued to spread the good news about the most-anticipated aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Alongside publishing two new videos showcasing the 737 for MSFS, he also detailed his hopes for the release timeframe.

He wrote that there are only two issues preventing the 737 for MSFS to release. The developers managed to get enough information and sent the feedback to Asobo and are currently awaiting feedback.

Rober further also stated that he hopes to have us off on 737 adventures in time for next weekend, suggesting the team aims to release the addon during the week. Further, he did however comment that it entirely depends upon the results of their efforts in the next few days.

That might likewise indicate that the release is not planned or expected within the first half of the week, but the second.

The price and exact features remain unknown. If you’ve purchased the PMDG’s 737NGXu back in 2019 during the special promotion, you will be eligible for a 99$ credit applicable towards any of the product line addons.

Apart from that, PMDG will not offer any other discounts. You can read more about the credit, PMDG’s 737 MAX for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the release scheme in my other article by clicking here.

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X-Codr Showcases Denver Airport in X-Plane 12

Through the Facebook page of X-Plane, X-Codr has shared new previews of his upcoming Denver Airport (KDEN) for X-Plane 12. Yes, you’ve read it, X-Plane 12. Many developers have actually recently begun sharing their projects in X-Plane 12. You can read one of our other articles detailing them by clicking here.

Back to the subject, the three previews showcasing Denver Airport for X-Plane 12 can be seen below. They will give you a good idea of what the scenery has to offer alongside the X-Plane 12 visuals.

The PBR reflections are very notable in this case. In some cases, they even make the objects seem unrealistic. It is, on the other hand, important to note that the screenshots likely do not represent the final product.

Further, the previews nicely depict the new volumetric clouds X-Plane 12 will come with as well as the new weather effects. In this case, the water puddles at the airport ground.

X-Codr has also confirmed that Denver will be updated to X-Plane 12 free of charge for all owners. Additionally, since the current version of the scenery is V1.52, and the previews are showcasing the V2, it is likely that X-Codr also brought improvements to the scenery.

If you want to purchase X-Codr’s Denver for X-Plane 11, you can do so through the X-Plane.org Store for $29.95, or about €28.

You can read more about upcoming X-Plane 12 addons through our dedicated page by clicking here.

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Aerosoft Considering A350 for MSFS, Previews A330 Cockpit

Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok has continued, throughout April, to update the community on how is the development of the A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator progressing. Along with the usual good news, he has also shared a bunch of interesting information grouped with previews.

A330 for MSFS

First of them all, Mathijs has shared the first preview of the Airbus A330 for MSFS cockpit. He has previewed the virtual cockpit of the aircraft in the cold&dark state. Further, he noted that it is still a work in progress.

The developers still have to apply dirt and wear details to the textures, however, the modelling is done. It has been said to be the cleanest you will find in the simulator.

Apart from that, Mathijs has also shared previews of the current wing models. Both of their previews can be found below.

Airbus A350 for MSFS?

In the same thread, a community member, under the nickname Fabonymous, has asked Mathijs if the team plans to bring the renowned Airbus A340 to the simulator as well. He soon received a reply stating that A340 is not currently planned.

However, Mathijs continued to detail that the team is “looking at the A350“. Presumably, for Microsoft Flight Simulator since the whole discussion was held there. Aerosoft A350 is much closer than it ever was before, although still very far.

It is in no way an official announcement. Developers often exaggerate on their forums, yet, we still found it interesting enough to share with the community.

Would you like to see Aerosoft A350 in MSFS? Let us know in the comment section below!

Previous articles on the A330

The developers have previously shared a preview of the aircraft exterior in Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you want to read more about that, you can read my previous article by clicking here.

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PMDG Shares More Details About 737 for MSFS

Robert Randazzo has today taken to their forums to share some more details about the development of the 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This development update was highly anticipated, as it should’ve revealed the release date of this aircraft.

Release date

Unfortunately, Randazzo decided that it is not a good idea to reveal the release date yet, even though the development is close to being finished. The main reason for it is the upcoming Sim Update 9, which Asobo Studio, the creator of Microsoft Flight Simulator, looks forward to releasing soon. This might create unexpected issues with the 737. Despite this, Robert promised that the 737 will not release unannounced, and the community will know the exact date of the release.

The Previews

Soon, the NDA will be lifted, and the beta testers will be able to share screenshots and other media to the wide public. With this, PMDG also announced the new video series about the 737, and the first one should be published today on the official PMDG Youtube channel.

Lastly, Randazzo also shared some previews of the 737-700 version, which is going to release first.

If you’d like to learn more about the PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can check out our other article here.

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Just Flight Drops New 757 for MSFS Previews, Confirms Release in 2023

The team at Just Flight has shared four new previews of the upcoming Boeing 757 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator they are working on together with BlueBird Simulations.

First of all, if you want to learn more about the addon, we recommend you to read George’s other article on the announcement by clicking here. This article is primarily focused on the four new previews, the expected release timeframe, and the 757 freighter variant and FPDS upgrade.

Release in 2023

In the comment section under the previews, Just Flight has responded to multiple community members, that the addon is not planned to release this year. However, the current plans are that the addon will release in 2023. In which quarter or part has not been disclosed yet. The same applies to the pricing details.


The BlueBird Simulations team has made notable progress since the initial announcement from February earlier this year. Back then, we had only seen the exterior model without textures.

This time, however, we can get a glimpse over the fully textured exterior model of the Boeing 757 in Microsoft Flight Simulator painted in BlueBird Simulations livery.

Apart from that, the developers have felt comfortable sharing some insight into the flight deck. Founded on the previews, the cockpit appears to be progressing very well, although still far from finished.

We have to keep in mind, that everything showcased is still a WIP and does not represent the final product.

FPDS Upgrade & Freighter variant

BlueBird Simulations further also responded to a question asking about the FPDS upgrade.

The abbreviation FPDS stands for Flat Panel Display System. It is used to replace the legacy EFIS panels, reducing component count in the cockpit.

The developers have stated that while it is not in the plans for the initial release, they definitely plan on having the upgraded displays for the freighter expansion package that will come sometime after the release.

To cite BlueBird Simulations about the freighter variant: “The freighter version will be a separate expansion that will come sometime after release. We want to give the freighter all of the attention it deserves.

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AirFoilLabs, LES, and VSKYLABS Preview Their Addons in X-Plane 12

We last reported on something related to X-Plane 12 two weeks ago. Back then, it was about FlightFactor who shared two new previews of their addons in X-Plane 12. Today, we’re going to talk about more developers who are bringing their addons to X-Plane 12 and felt comfortable sharing some of them with the public.

The majority of the previews were shared through the official Facebook page of Laminar Research.


Starting off hot, a Czech-based aircraft developer, AirFoilLabs, has shared three previews showcasing their C172 NG in X-Plane 12. The C172 NG is a new rendition of the legendary Cessna 172 equipped with the Garmin G1000 navigation systems.

AirFoilLabs released this product for X-Plane 11 just a few months ago, in December 2021. It is a study-level rendition featuring a vast array of features for the flight simmers to enjoy. However, to what extent are the features going to be represented in X-Plane 12 have not been detailed.

There is also nothing we know about the pricing and release of the X-Plane 12 version, or if there are going to be any discounts available.

Leading Edge Simulations

Continuing to go through the list, Leading Edge Simulations have shared previews of their Douglas DC-3 representation in X-Plane 12. To be more precise, the V2 of DC-3.

As well as in the last case, Leading Edge Simulations did not yet make a statement on the expected pricing and release details. However, presumably, the team has switched from developing the DC-3 V2 for X-Plane 11 to developing it for X-Plane 12.


In our last article, we talked about VSKYLABS’ Rutan Model-158 project. This time, we are going to talk about one of VSKYLABS’ helicopters that will be brought to X-Plane 12 in the future.

VSKYLABS have in the past confirmed, that they are going to bring all their products to X-Plane 12. The team has even confirmed, that all customers will receive free product updates to X-Plane 12.

If you want to learn more about X-Plane 12, we can only recommend you to read our previous articles on the topic by clicking here. Apart from that, we also have a constantly-updated hub for all X-Plane 12 addons which is accessible through this link.

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PMDG Confirms 737 MAX, Details 2019 Discounts, and Variant Releases

Rober Randazzo of PMDG has earlier today taken to the PMDG forums to share a very interesting update post on their much-anticipated Boeing 737 product line for MSFS.

Boeing 737 MAX for MSFS

While detailing the features of the addon, and how will the other variants be treated, he also officially confirmed that they are planning on bringing the infamous Boeing 737 MAX to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

He did, however, stress that their initial release focus is on the Next Generation variants. He did not want to share any information on the MAX series just yet.

2019 Discounts

Back in 2019, PMDG offered everyone who purchased the 737NGXu for Prepar3D within a certain period a 99$ discount on the 737NG3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The community held discussions about how will it be treated now that many high-fidelity addons are released for the platform for a lower price. Rober has today explained, that all eligible customers will receive 99$ credit applicable towards any of the product line addons.

This could suggest that the price of the addon may be lower than the $99 mark. That is, however, only our assumption. Nonetheless, the credit will be applicable to any of the addons in the product line.

To cite him: “You will be able to use it however you see fit, in any combination of purchases that suits your taste. If you elect to purchase a 737 that costs less than your earned credit, you will retain the additional for a future purchase (..)”.

Variant releases

It is known that the 737-700 will release first. Robert Radanzzo has today further detailed how other variants will be treated. He said that they will be released with a roughly 6-week gap.

He summarized: The initial product to release will be the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS. This package will include the 737-700 in passenger, cargo and BBJ variants with multiple winglet styles and a full and complete set of options and configurations (..).

Each of the variants will be sold separately. There will be no base package required, as it is often done in the Prepar3D market.

Other cool stuff from the update

Randazzo has also further previewed the aircraft. This time with the focus on the 737-700’s MCP panel. He also commented on the performance by saying that he averaged 40-45 FPS while testing the aircraft.

It is likely that PMDG will lift the NDA and beta testers will be allowed to share their experiences using the aircraft in the simulator.

The release date remains unknown. The same applies to the exact pricing.

If you want to learn more about the PMDG 737 for MSFS, we would suggest you read Darun’s previous article on its trailer, or Patrik’s article on the previous development update.

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