Walter White released B737-600 for X-Plane 11

Walter White today announced via their Discord server, that the new Boeing 737 version 600 is available for download to X-Plane 11. At this moment the airplane works only on the Windows operating system. The Walter White 737-600 was built from the notorious Zibo 737-800.

You can download this airplane via Google Drive.

Discord announcement:
Hi everyone. I would love to present to you all new Boeing 737-600. There is some know bugs that I’m working on and they will be fixed in upcoming updates. Honeywell MCP will be added as option together with eyebrow windows sometimes in the near future as option. This plane was built from amazing Zibo -800 and full credit goes to Zibo, Twkster, AXP, LM and all the people involved in development and support in X-plane community.

If you want to read more about this aircraft, here’s Walter White’s invitation to his discord server


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