X-Plane 12 Addons

Last updated: 11.9.2022 – 2150 GMT Formatted and updated numerous developers, added SSG and TorqueSim

X-Plane 12 was announced at this year’s FlightSimExpo event held in San Diego, United States with high anticipation. In the hour-long seminar held by the team from Laminar Research, much information was shared on the technical aspect of the new platform and what will it offer. However, not much was disclosed in regards to third-party addons support and compatibility.

Many community members are curious whether will the products they have purchased for X-Plane 11 in the past work with X-Plane 12 and/or whether will there be an upgrade fee available from the developers, or there will be a need to buy the product for the full price again.

At FSNews, we will summarize all statements from developers in the X-Plane community about the new platform on this dedicated page accessible from the navigation bar. You can always check above when was the page last time updated.

Table of contents:



Airbus A319Update fee (10.99$) + feature updatePurchase (XP11)
Airbus A321Update fee (10.99$) + feature updatePurchase (XP11)
Airbus A340Free upgradePurchase (XP11/XP12)
A321 NEO expansionFree upgradePurchase (XP11)


C172 NGFree updatePurchase (XP11)
C172UnknownPurchase (XP11)

Hot Start

Challenger C650Free updatePurchase (XP11)
TBM 900Free updatePurchase (XP11)


Dassault Aviation Falcon 8XWill release for X-Plane 12Not released
Diamond DA50Free updateNot released
Diamond DA62Free updatePurchase (XP11)
Phenom 300Free update Purchase (XP11)
Epic E1000-G1000Free updatePurchase (XP11)
Epic E1000-SkyviewNot coming to X-Plane 12Purchase (XP11)
Epic Victory G1000UndecidedPurchase (XP11)
Eclipse 550Depends on SASL2 CompatibilityPurchase (XP11)
Pipistrel Panthera Depends on SASL2 Compatibility Purchase (XP11)
Velocity V-Twin Depends on SASL2 Compatibility Purchase (XP11)


Boeing 757Free updatePurchase (XP11/XP12)
Boeing 767Free updatePurchase (XP11/XP12)
Airbus A320Paid upgrade (20$) + feature updatePurchase / Upgrade (XP11/XP12)
Airbus A350UnknownPurchase (XP11)
Boeing 777v2Will release for X-Plane 12Not released yet
Boeing 787 ProWill release for X-Plane 12Not released yet


Boeing 747Free updatePurchase (XP11)


SR22 G1000 SeriesFree updatePurchase (XP11)
SR22 Entegra SeriesFree updatePurchase (XP11)
SR20 G1000Free updatePurchase (XP11)
SR20 EntegraFree updatePurchase (XP11)
BN-2B/BN-2TFree updatePurchase (XP11)
Pocket RocketFree update + feature updatePurchase (XP11)
CitationJet 525Will release for X-Plane 12Not released yet


VSKYLABS intends to bring all their aircraft to X-Plane 12. They will be providing free updates to all customers who own their aircraft for X-Plane 11.


The team from Khamsin is, as well as other developers, working on converting their projects to X-Plane 12. As of writing this, the team has already their Boeing B-17G and SA315B Lama helicopter in the simulator. However, no details were shared on the expected pricing model and when will they be available.

Leading Edge Simulations

The team at Leading Edge Simulations shared, on the 7th of April, two previews showcasing their Douglas DC-3 V2 in X-Plane 12. As of writing this, the developers did not share any details about the release and pricing model.


Frank Dainese

Although he did not share any details when it comes to release timeframes and pricing, Frank Dainese shared four previews showcasing his sceneries in X-Plane 12, those being the Eiger Park in southern Switzerland, home of the Eiger mountain, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Courmayeur, and Trento.

More information can be read in our article detailing the previews by clicking here.


Through the official Facebook page of X-Plane, Verticalsim has shared a single preview showcasing their Tampa Airport (KTPA) in X-Plane 12. No details were attached, hence there is much yet to be revealed.



In a short message on their FAQ page, SimCoders have confirmed, that there will be Reality Expansion Pack (REP) support for X-Plane 12. The developers will do their best to not let people buy their products again but just release a free update instead. It was not disclosed whether will this apply only to specific products or not.