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Parallel 42 Share End-of-2023 Development Update

Parallel 42 has taken to its website to share an end-of-2023 development update. Posted December 31st, 2023, the article focused on thanking the community for their support and informing everyone on what they can expect in terms of updates to its products and new releases.

Parallel 42 began the article by highlighting their newest team member, Bill Womack’s first release, Cheat River Island, as well as acknowledging some of the praise the developer has received from streamers such as SkyCommand and us at FSNews in our Editors’ Choice Awards where we gave it the “Best Utility Add-On” and “Editors’ Choice Innovation” awards.

Product Updates

Parallel 42 is working on updates for the following already-released products:

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  • FreedomFox / Fox2 Complete: A free update is in development for the Freedomfox / Fox2 that will include a new variant as well as fixes and improvements to several of the product’s features.
  • Desert Oasis Scene: This scenery is a recreation of Trent Palmer’s real-life property, which recently completed construction of a new hangar. Parallel 42, however, will not be recreating this hangar until after Trent finishes with his changes, which are still ongoing. Once that is done, they will work with Trent to update it.
  • Flow: Flow will be receiving an update in early 2024 that aims to fix some of the issues that Xbox simmers have been having with the utility recently, which stem from excessive resource demands coming from sim updates and poorly optimized add-ons.
  • Campout: An update for this utility is expected in 2024, which, thanks to platform advancements, may feature a new multiplayer experience.
  • The Skypark: An update featuring an improved PAX experience and a completely rebuilt UI is in the works and is expected to be released in 2024. The announcement of MSFS2024 has greatly affected the development process for Parallel 42, who has decided to cancel the development of many planned features, choosing instead to offer a better core experience as a simple flight concept generator.
  • Freedomfox Mod Manager: This mod manager will be retired and all mods will be bundled with the aircraft or available for download on Parallel 42’s site.
  • Cabri G2 Liveries Pack: This livery pack will be available exclusively on the MSFS Marketplace and has now been removed from other shops.

New and Canceled Projects

The following projects are new and canceled products that Parallel 42 intends to release in the future or has stopped development for:

  • Simstaller: This utility has already been released as of publishing this article. Simstaller is a free add-on manager that can help you install and manage your MSFS add-ons as well as let you know which ones conflict with each other or overwrite core MSFS files.
  • Red Bluff Trails system: This scene, set in Red Bluff, CA, will feature over 100 miles of driveable trails and will connect with multiple of Parallel 42’s other scenes.
  • Immersion: Parallel 42 hasn’t mentioned what exactly this product will be, but the first offering in its product line is already in the hands of the test team, who will be helping the developers get rid of bugs before it can be officially revealed.
  • Airwolf (Cpt. Airwolf partnership): This project has been canceled.
  • T-50 Bobcat (Milviz/Blackbird partnership): This project has been canceled.
  • Prepar3D development is not expected to resume due to the platform’s low user base.
  • Three other unannounced projects were canceled.

Lastly, Parallel 42 mentioned that it has seen significant growth this year and is doing well financially. We are looking forward to seeing what interesting things Parallel 42 has in store for the community this year! You can find the original article here.

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