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SoFly Announces Animals at FSExpo 2023

During FSExpo 2023, the team at SoFly announced a new ground-breaking product, Animals. With this add-on, users can populate their globes with a lot of different species that roam the world. It will introduce different species of whales, lions, pigs, horses, sheep, crocodiles and more.

Each new animal and species has been carefully modelled and brought to life to suit its natural environment thanks to the 3D modelling experts and artists at SoFly. All of the animals have been animated with some of them travelling and flying around the world. Which means that they need to be found from the skies.

SoFly’s developers haven’t focused on just one region, the animals they brought to life are present on the seven continents, each in its natural habitat. The list of available species is not finished and will likely grow in the future as we get closer to the release, according to the team.

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This addon will be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and 2024 and will be available to both Xbox and PC users. Although the team hasn’t shared the price tag, they said that the release was planned for the summer of 2023. Users will be able to purchase it through SoFly’s official website, Orbx and the in-Sim marketplace.

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