TOGA Projects

TOGA Projects ENVPLUS for P3D Released Thumbnail

TOGA Projects ENVPLUS for P3D Released

TOGA Projects, a well-known Prepar3D environment add-ons developer has released ENVPLUS, a new product, that changes the shader system of Prepar3D v5.

TOGA Shares Envplus Details Thumbnail

TOGA Shares Envplus Details

A Prepar3D developer, TOGA, responsible for visual and enhancement add-ons, namely Envtex and Envshade, shared some information about Envplus.

TOGAProjects Update regarding P3D v5

TOGAProjects, a known P3D developer responsible for add-ons like ENVSound, Envtex or Envshade, has posted some information regarding the upcoming version of Prepar3D.

TOGA Projects Updates Envsound

TOGA Projects, a known developer, who stays behind Envshade, Envtex or their most recent Envsound, updated the Envsound to version 1.0.

TOGA Projects released TropicalSim Trieste Airport Enhancer

TOGA Projects today announced, via their Facebook page, a release of the first package in Airport Enhancers series.