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World Update 16: Caribbean Coming to MSFS Next Week

The next region update, World Update 16: Caribbean, is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator next week. In a Facebook post, the MSFS team has said to get our sunscreens ready as we’re soon going to be able to enjoy an improved itineration of the Caribbean region, known for its crystal clear waters and scenic island hopping opportunities.

Along with the update, a Local Legend, an aircraft addon that is related to the region, will be released. The team has not yet disclosed what aircraft we can expect. We only received a hint that it will be a helicopter.

The update will be offered free of charge for all owners of MSFS, independent of the purchased variant. Flight simmers will be able to experience 104 carefully crafted points of interest that will capture the Caribbean vibe and add a touch of warmth to our simulators during the cold month of January.

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Additionally, World Update 16: Caribbean will come with 7 hand-crafted airports, one of which was already revealed as Vilo Acuña Airport (MUCL) in Cuba. It is still unknown what the other airports will be, as no information about them has been disclosed yet.

As usual, the update will also come with three landing challenges and three bush trips for the World Update series. Whilst we do not know for certain the coverage the update will span across, the bush trips give us some hint by covering Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. According to the previous Dev Stream from November 2023, this isn’t everything but “gives us a picture”.

As the team explained in the previous Dev Stream in November 2023, the region is very specific from others. Whilst there is not much in topography, representing shallow waters is crucial to achieving the intended immersion. This is why the MSFS team is working with Gaya Simulations and has bathymetry (bathymetry – the study of water floors) data from all included countries.

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The release of World Update 16: Caribbean is scheduled for January 30th, 2024, and will be offered free through the in-game Marketplace.

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