Orbx Announced London City (EGLC) Airport for Prepar3D v4

Orbx today announced via their Facebook page a new scenery coming to Prepar3D v4. London City Airport has one of the most difficult approaches and pilots need to have special training to fly there.

The Turbulent Design team helped Orbx with this scenery by making this airport first complete PBR airport for Prepar3D v4.

(..) London City Airport features dynamic ground textures that react to rain and other adverse conditions.

More screenshots are available here.


source: orbxsystems.com

  • The first complete PBR airport for Prepar3Dv4!
  • Immaculate HD textures throughout
  • Dynamic PBR groundpoly that reacts to weather and time of day
  • Incredibly detailed GSE and static aircraft
  • Coverage area includes major landmarks on short finals
  • 60cm PR colour-matched to TrueEarth Great Britain South
  • Beautiful dynamic lighting
  • Designed to blend best with TrueEarth Great Britain South, also works with Orbx Global Base or FTX England
  • Developed by the Turbulent Design team



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