iFly Releases 737 MAX8-200 for P3D v5

The development team of iFly has shared a press release with us stating the release of the 737-8200 for Prepar3D v5. Only three months after the initial release, the 737 […]

Navigraph Charts Now Available on Mobile

The Navigraph team recently took to their Twitter profile to announce that the very popular Navigraph Charts application is now available for mobile devices. The support for mobile phones was […]

SimBrief Has Undergone A Complete Makeover

SimBrief has undergone a complete makeover today. The freeware flight planning tool has received a complete redesign of the dispatch interface. The most significant improvement is that the new page […]

Honeycomb Announces Pre-Orders Open for Charlie Rudder Pedals

Flight-sim hardware company Honeycomb Aeronautical took to its Facebook page to announce that pre-orders are now open for its upcoming Charlie Rudder Pedals line-up. Well-known for its previous Alpha Yoke […]

REVIEW: Honeycomb’s New Alpha Flight Controls XPC and Bravo Throttle Quadrant

In this review, I’ll take a look at Honeycomb Aeronautical’s most recent release, the Alpha Flight Controls XPC, and the previously available Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Honeycomb Aeronautical isn’t one of […]

Simcident Report: Massacre at Meigs Field – The Ill-Fated Fight to Save Flight Sim’s Most Famous Airport

The story of how the illegal overnight destruction of Chicago’s tiny Meigs Field drew the ire of thousands of people who had never been to Chicago and weren’t even pilots.

Review: iFly 737-MAX8 for Prepar3D

Recently, a well-known development team of iFly has released their rendition of Boeing 737-MAX8 for Prepar3D. The team of iFly is known for a variety of Boeing jets for Prepar3D, […]

First Look at Concorde for P3D and MSFS from FSLabs

Andrew Wilson from FSLabs took earlier today to their forums to fulfil a long-awaited promise of his: to share some previews of FSLabs’ Concorde for Prepar3D and MSFS before the […]

TOGA Projects ENVPLUS for P3D Released

TOGA Projects, a well-known Prepar3D environment add-ons developer has released ENVPLUS, a new product, that changes the shader system of Prepar3D v5. TOGA Projects ENVPLUS brings new features to already […]

REVIEW: Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X

In this review, I’ll take a look at Pro Flight Trainer’s PUMA X helicopter controls, which provides simmers with an all-in-one setup for a price of about €1500. With the […]