Orbx TrueEarth US Washington Enhancement Pack Released

Orbx, probably the most-known scenery developer, today released an enhancement pack for TrueEarth US Washington. The enhancement pack features four times better resolution of the textures, from the default 512 x 512 to up to 2048 x 2048.

Orbx recommends this product if you have at least 11GB VRAM to ensure stable FPS. Quote can be seen below:

We recommend a PC with an i5/i7/i9 class CPU clocked to at least 4.6GHz or higher and Nvidia 1080 class GPU with at least 11GB OF VRAM to use the 1024 and 2048 textures with good FPS.

This pack can be purchased for 14,95 AUD on OrbxDirect.

More informations are available on Orbx forums.


  • 512 (SD) and 1024 (HD) texture options for all 3D models and autogen
  • 2048 (UHD) textures for the TerraFlora trees
  • Enhanced replacement 3D buildings for the Seattle urban airports, designed to enhance the XP11 Gateway airports
  • A control panel so you can toggle between SD, HD and UHD textures
  • BONUS WA56 Israel’s Farm Private Strip  (available for $0 via your OrbxDirect account, once you buy this pack)

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