29Palms Releases Mykonos for MSFS

29Palms has today released their rendition of Mykonos (LGMK) Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement was made through their Facebook page, and the scenery was released exactly on 13:00 UTC on July 22nd. This is because the developer has actually announced it even before the release of the scenery.

The scenery is therefore now available through Contrail App for €14.95. Mykonos Airport is an international airport located on Mykonos Island, Greece. The airport serves mainly seasonal flights to destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Rome or Madrid. The airport is widely used by airlines such as Wizz, Volotea, EasyJet and Aegean Airlines.

29Palms has created a detailed representation of the airport and its surrounding area. There are features such as sloped runway, detailed 3D objects, animated apron vehicles, custom windsocks, custom beacon lights at taxiways and runways, providing the best night-time flying experience, custom boats and ships in the surrounding sea and much more.


• Detailed representation of the terraforming of the airport’s surrounding area
• Sloped runway
• High-detailed 3d objects and buildings
• High detailed ground polygons and textures
• Animated apron vehicles
• Custom animated windsocks
• Detailed representation of the airport’s parking area.
• High detailed apron including the new airport’s layout lines and signs.
• High detailed night lighting most of it being “physical” (dynamic lighting)
• Fully custom taxiway, runway, rail and tower beacon lights. All the lights have been designed from scratch with custom 3d objects. Moreover, the intensity and colour of their glow has been trimmed so that the outcome is much less intense and much closer to the real airport
• Custom Hazard beacon lights at airport’s surrounding area (on top of the surrounding hills)
• Custom boats and ships at the island’s port
• Three existing heliports are present in the scenery
Army’s Heliport at the east of the airport
Marina’s Heliport close to Ornos beach
Superior Air heliport close to Kalo Livadi beach
• Three characteristic landmarks have been added to the scenery:
Windmills at Mykonos town
Broken windmill at the south of the airport (close to the terminal)
A lighthouse at the north of the island

Author: Patrik

My aviation enthusiasm started back in March 2016 and since then I fly almost every day when I have time. I always like to discover new places or new things. The vehicles or any kind of technical things always fascinated me. As I was younger, I was also a journalist in a school magazine, so when I got an opportunity to write articles about my favorite hobby, I immediately jumped in.

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