A2A Simulations updates Bonanza 35 for Prepar3D

A2A Simulations have recently updated their Bonanza 35 for Prepar3D V4. The new version features some fixes and new functions being added together with some improvements. To update the aircraft, simply go to “A2ASimulations” folder and click on “Bonanza Check for Updates P3D4”.

If you want to purchase the A2A Simulations Bonanza 35, you can do so via A2A Simulations website for $49.99.

Version Changes

  • Fixed bug preventing gauges from being fixed using hangar click-spots under certain conditions.
  • Fixed stall warning horn requiring too high a voltage to operate.
  • Fixed CHT reading slightly differently based on electrical current.
  • Improved effectiveness of headset in reducing engine noise.
  • Added function to autotune ADF frequencies ending in .5 KHz.

Author: George

I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world, but my favourite airport is by far Corfu. I started this news site in May 2019 and since then my main goal is to keep you informed about the latest stuff happening on the scene.