16.5.2023 – 07:15z

A318 by LatinVFR Receives 2.0 Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator product developers LatinVFR took to their Facebook to announce that they have brought their A318 the 2.0 update, making it the final model in their lineup of A319, A320, and A321 to receive this update. The update brings many new features and improvements, including a tease of an exciting upcoming feature for the LVFR lineup.

The most notable feature flight simmers will notice is the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tablet for pilots. This is a significant feature, especially for the primary user base of Xbox players; such a tool makes calculations and planning of flights far more streamlined.

A318 by LatinVFR Receives 2.0 Update - LatinVFR, Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developers also teased an upcoming upgrade for their lineup, VNAV, and significant CDU improvements. Bringing a custom VNAV to this product is an enormous improvement, with the MSFS default VNAV being lackluster at best. Additionally, simmers might find the current CDU underwhelming; however, this update should bring in features and updates that pilots will notice on routine flights. Expect more news on this release in the coming weeks.

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LatinVFR seems hard at work to improve its product. The LVFR lineup is unfortunately not very attractive for PC simmers, with the existence of the free FBW alternative or the incredible (but more expensive) Fenix A320. However, this is the only detailed A32X lineup available for Xbox flight simmers, a community shorthanded by parity issues between PC and Xbox, limiting add-on availability. With the promise of improvements, there is a chance that Xbox flight simmers will finally have a complete and competitive A320 addon available.

The LatinVFR A318 is available through the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace or their website for $19.99 (€18,42). Check out our review of the LatinVFR A319 for more information on this product and LatinVFR’s lineup!

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