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Active Sky for MSFS Announced by HiFi Simulation Technologies

HiFi Simulation Technologies is a renowned developer, who brought impressive weather engines to all possible simulators from FSX to X-Plane. This time, four years after the initial release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, we are getting Active Sky for Microsoft Flight Simulator, called Active Sky FS.

The developer promises to bring a direct Microsoft Flight Simulator integration, with brand-new features and functionalities, designed to improve the weather simulation experience.

Active Sky weather engine was always known for its comprehensive weather realism, and Active Sky FS (ASFS), aims to bring the same high-fidelity data, planning, briefing, mapping air effects and much more to Asobo’s simulator.

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Many loved features, such as historic weather with playback and custom weather scenarios will be available in this version of the weather engine as well.

Speaking of the core features of Active Sky FS, the weather engine will be capable of directly integrating to Microsoft Flight Simulator, with preset weather and passive weather depiction modes, offering various levels of realism.

Active Air Effects are going to help the immersion with customisable clear air turbulence, thermals, drafts and wake turbulence in tandem with existing Microsoft Flight Simulator effects. Advanced historical weather will help you experience various weather events from the past as accurately as possible.

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Speaking of clouds, Active Sky FS will help enhancing the cloudscape and thunderstorm depiction in the simulator. This will increase the visual realism and overall experience of various weather conditions, including thunderstorms.

The weather engine has been in active development for 24 years, given constant improvements over its life. This ensures a refined weather system with accurate data analysis.

There are a lot more features in this upcoming weather engine. It is currently going under final beta testing and is expected to be launched very soon. The price is to be determined as well. To learn more, visit the Active Sky website here.

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