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Active Sky Released for X-Plane 12

Following their announcement in March, the popular weather system enhancement add-on, Active Sky, was released for X-Plane 12, utilizing the new SDK available to X-Plane add-on developers; this add-on will significantly improve the weather simulation available to flight simmers in X-Plane 12.

The developers at HiFi Simulation Technologies made their niche in the flight simulation community, developing weather enhancement add-ons for popular flight sims such as Prepar3D or X-Plane 11. These add-ons helped complete the default weather modeling systems, rounding out rough edges and adding features that flight simmers appreciate.

The Active Sky release for X-Plane 12 brings their custom weather engine to the sim. This engine brings much-improved weather resolution and interpolation, meaning pilots shouldn’t notice the cloud walls for which these sims are famous. With a combination of realistic air data and other quality-of-life features, pilots will experience a more exciting and dynamic weather system and those looking for a challenge will find the custom weather engine capable of quickly creating extreme weather conditions.

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HiFi Simulation Technologies brought multiple methods of observing and manipulating the weather, including planning with Navigraph/Simbrief integration, giving flight simmers ultimate control. The add-on is simple for flight simmers looking for a plug-and-play weather engine while also complex enough for those looking for a highly variable and dynamic weather experience. These features and a comprehensive system for adjusting and fine-tuning your weather experience bring the world’s weather to your fingertips.

Active Sky Features:

  • Navigraph and Simbrief Integration create a seamless plug-and-play environment for those not looking for a high degree of control over the weather engine.
  • Active Sky Weather Engine incorporates detailed weather and forecast data, creating a smoother and more variable experience for flight simmers.
  • Evolving Weather Depiction utilizes X-Plane 12’s new API/SDK for an accurate and smooth weather injection.
  • Enhanced Air Effects bring more dynamic turbulence, drafts, microbursts, thermals, wind, and more.
  • Live Hybrid Depiction Control of current in-sim weather conditions allows flight simmers more insight into weather injection and what to expect along their route.
  • Historical weather allows flight simmers to enjoy picturesque weather or easily experience the most demanding historical conditions.
  • Mobile Companion App allows flight simmers to view and adjust weather conditions without leaving the sim.
  • ATIS and Flightwatch integration is available for those wishing to have voice delivery of their weather conditions.

Active Sky is available for purchase at SimMarket for €39.99 ($43.24).

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