25.9.2020 – 18:04z

Aerobask Announces Victory Update (XP11)

Aerobask has recently come to their Facebook page to announce a new major update for the Epic Victory rendition for X-Plane 11. The new version of the aircraft will not only feature X-Plane 11.50+ compatibility, but also a new 3D model, new FMOD sound pack, enhanced G1000 avionics, and completely new autopilot. Further, a completely new flight model will be featured in the new version.

The update is scheduled to be released soon. Based on the post, we can also expect the update to come prior to the long-awaited Falcon 8X. The exact release date is however unknown. It is clear, that the update will be a paid one. Existing users of the aircraft will be eligible for an upgrade fee.

An update has also been made about the Falcon 8X development. Based on the X-Plane.org Forums, the development is progressing well with a member of the development team spending the past few days in the real aircraft with Dassault Aviation employees.

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Furthermore, a major update for the Eclipse 550 rendition is scheduled to come next year.


  • New 3D model
  • New FMOD sound pack by Daniela R. Careri.
  • New flight model (PW617F engine)
  • G1000 avionics, with custom EMS
  • New GCU477 integrated (3D and 2D pop-up), with the new X-Plane 11.50 commands
  • Autopilot GFC700

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