23.6.2020 – 19:40z

Aerobask Releases Lancair Legacy RG for X-Plane 11

Officially announced back in April 2020, Aerobask has today released their rendition of Lancair Legacy RG for X-Plane 11. As promised earlier throughout the aircraft development, it features 4K PBR textures, high-quality FMOD, custom-coded SASL3 systems, or RealityXP GTN 750 compatibility. The complete feature list can be found below.

The Lancair Legacy is a two-seat single-engine light aircraft marketed in kit form, which is now out of production. It evolved from the Lancair 235/320 series, but with a larger fuselage and more powerful engine (..)

The aircraft can be purchased via the X-Plane.org Store for $34.95. The aircraft was developed in cooperation with Roberto Blanco – owner and pilot of N637PG (Lancair Legacy RG).

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Feature list

Main features:

  • Highly detailed 3D model interior and exterior
  • PBR 4K textures
  • High quality FMOD sounds from Daniela Rodríguez Careri, based on custom recordings from Legacy reg. N637PG
  • High accuracy flight model by X-Aerodynamics (tuned for experimental flight model)
  • Real and custom 4K liveries with assorted interiors
  • Stock but highly realistic GNS530
  • Native support of RXP GTN750 in replacement of GNS530+SL70 (Windows only, separate product needed)
  • Continental IO-550 310hp engine
  • VR ready

Custom-coded SASL instruments:

  • Avidyne EXP5000 EFIS
  • Avidyne DFC90 Autopilot
  • J.P. Instruments VM1000C engine management system
  • Mountain High EDS-2ip oxygen system
  • A.F.S. AOA Pro angle of attack indicator
  • Garmin SL30 COM/NAV
  • Apollo SL70 Transponder
  • Aerospace Logic CO200 digital clock
  • Mid-Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module

Other Features

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  • Full-mode FMOD aircraft (no legacy/default sounds)
  • Full Continental IO-550 simulation (separate combustion, prop, starter, exhaust sounds).
  • Accurate doppler, distance attenuation and flyby effects.
  • Aviation headset simulation based on binaural recordings.
  • Oxygen system sounds (mask donning, breathing for both pilot and copilot)
  • Custom ambiance sounds (rain, skid, rolling on different surfaces, strut compression, airframe shaking).
  • Dynamic airflow effects on extreme manoeuvres and airframe stress on high Gs.
  • Custom radio sounds (morse, markers)
  • Canopy airflow simulation (if you don’t follow proper canopy procedures!)
  • Based on actual recordings and references from a custom built real life Lancair Legacy.
  • Tested intensively in VR for maximum immersion

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