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Aerobask Releases the Shark UL for X-Plane 12

Aerobask has recently announced via its social media channels that it has released the Shark UL for X-Plane 12. The Aircraft is a modern, high-performance, low-wing, LSA (Light Sport Aircraft), with a high cruise speed of 135 knots, it is also one of the most efficient aircraft in its category.

“Shark, a type of large fish aeroplane that has rows of sharp teeth flies safe and efficient”.

This is Aerobask’s twelfth (12th) aircraft for the X-Plane series. The Shark UL is a Slovakian aircraft delivered by Shark. Not to be confused with the Czech “Shark,” HPH Sailplanes’ 304S, a racing class jet-powered glider. The Shark UL also currently holds the record for the youngest solo flight around the world in a microlight.

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The Feature-Packed Shark

The aircraft has been designed extremely close to the real aircraft, with its high-quality meshed 3D cockpit, and 4K PBR textures used throughout the model. If you want to indulge yourself further in the flight, don’t worry, the cockpit is VR-ready.

The flight model has been created using X-Aerodynamics and features a true-to-life feel of the aircraft. The systems also feature accurate flap extension and gear retraction protections.

Shark UL

If you love custom true-to-life instruments, the Shark delivers. You can expect to see Skyview with Synthetic Vision on a touchscreen panel fully integrated with Navigraph, with a functioning autopilot for any cross-country flying. GL Blaze EMS-2 Engine monitoring systems, OBLO stand-by instruments, and just so many more custom-modelled systems.

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If you feel like testing yourself by flying into some “undesirable” situations such as icing, or rain, it’s all rendered on the canopy, adding an extra layer of realism to the aircraft. When you hang up the wings at the end of the day, the next time you launch into the aircraft, you’ll find many parameters saved from your last flight.

The icing on the canopy isn’t the only work Aerobask has put into immersion. Sounds have also received special attention, and Aerobask has worked hard with Daniela Rodriguez Careri on the FMOD environment. And they’ve implemented accurate Doppler and flyby effects for when flights get cinematic.

Closing Thoughts

It’s clear to see that Aerobask has put a lot of work into the Shark UL, from creating an accurate representation of the aircraft to implementing all of the correct systems. If you want to pick up the aircraft you can find it here for US$29.95, and if you want to check out the social media posts showcasing the release you can find them here.

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