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Aeroplane Heaven Announces Electra 10-A for MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven has been in the flight sim community for over two decades now and has gained some experience after developing over 60 addons for various platforms. And while having developed many addons proves nothing, their reputation in the community does.

In today’s post on their Facebook page, the developers from Aeroplane Heaven have announced their upcoming rendition of Electra 10-A for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Not much information was shared on the project with only a simple comment attached saying that it is coming “real soon”, but we can still guess some features from the previews.

With that being said, it’s pretty clear from the previews, that the addon will feature high-resolution textures with PBR materials in use for an immersive experience and mainly – nice reflections. Also, as with other Aeroplane Heaven products, the aircraft will presumably also offer accurate flight dynamics and system representation.

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We can also expect a fully modelled 3D passenger cabin with all aspects of it recreated. Being it an aircraft from the 1940s we can of course not expect to have seatbelts, no smoking signs and like these present in the cabin, but instead, we have comfy armchairs with normal curtains you nowadays have at home. Of course, not to forget, a glass window from the cabin to the cockpit is also a must-have in such aircraft.

For those unfamiliar with the aircraft, Lockheed 10-A Electra is a twin-engined monoplane airliner developed back in the 1930s to compete with the Douglas DC-2. The aircraft especially came to the minds of the public when Amelia Earhart used it in 1937 to fly around the world, unfortunately unsuccessfully after disappearing somewhere above the Pacific ocean.

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