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Aeroplane Heaven releases Tecnam P2010 for P3D

Aeroplane Heaven is known for developing smaller GA aircraft and has today launched their latest product: the Tecnam P2010. Their previous work includes the Douglas DC-3 Dakota and the B17 “Flying Fortress”. The P2010 is Tecnam’s four-seat prop plane. With a cruise speed of around 140kts, it’s comparable to the Cessna 182T Skylane or the Diamond DA40. It’s a fairly recent aircraft as well. It was first showcased publically in Friedrichshafen in 2011 and flew for the first time in 2012. Production started in 2014.

The aircraft includes two engine options. One has the Lycoming 180 HP IO-360 engine which produces 180hp. People who want a more powerful variant can use the model with the 215hp Lycoming IO-390. You can open the nose of the aircraft and see the engine modelled in very high detail. The team claims to have modelled “every nut, bolt and wire”. The plane has custom flight dynamics. If you have the Flight1 GTN, you can use it with this addon too. Don’t worry if you don’t have it, because there’s a choice of Garmin-equipped or analogue-gauged panels.

With the aircraft come 10 different liveries. The sounds are recorded from the real aircraft. The entire exterior is covered with PBR textures, as is the cockpit. Smaller details like pre-flight pins, chocks, etc. are also available. For the painters among you, there is a paint kit available from the website as well. A full list of features can be found at the bottom of the article.

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People who want to buy this aircraft, can do so from SimMarket for €28 (excl. VAT). US customers can use the Aeroplane Heaven store, where it’s available for $32.95.

Feature list

  • Highly accurate, fully detailed models with many working animations.
  • Exceptionally high detail, authentic 3D modeled engines complete with individual cylinder fins, valve gear, spark plugs and leads etc.
  • High Definition modeling including detail down to opening engine compartment and compartments.
  • Full PBR (Physical Based Rendering) texturing of the entire exteriors and detailed components like gear, tyres etc. Texture techniques allow for dull, natural and highly polished alloy surfaces and paint.
  • Realistic removeable animated flight crew.
  • Support chocks, pre-flight flags etc.
  • Analogue and digital cockpits.
  • Optional Flight1 GTN integration.
  • Highly accurate and beautifully modeled controls and equipment as per the real cockpit.
  • Instruments have “3D paint” faces and are equipped with 3D modeled needles complete with pivot pins!
  • Realistic starting is modeled
  • All hydraulic and pressurised equipment is modeled and fully functional.
  • Full PBR materials and textures throughout the entire cockpit.
  • Custom lighting solutions allow for multiple different lighting scenarios.
  • Flight dynamics are accurate to the real machine.
  • Sounds are authentic and dynamic, sourced from real aircraft starts and running.
  • 10 Authentic liveries.
  • Textures are created using new-technology “PBR Workflow” techniques as used in many of today’s successful computer games. This brings a new level of realism to your flight simulation experience!
  • A “Pro”-quality paint-kit is available from the download area found from the button at the top of this page.

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