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Aeroplane Heaven Releases the Hawker Hurricane MK1 for MSFS

The developers from Aeroplane Heaven have released their Hawker Hurricane MK1, on simMarket for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Hurricane is known for being a fighting machine and responsible for 60% of Luftwaffe losses while still being overshadowed by the Submarine Spitfire.

About the Hawker Hurricane MK1

While the Spitfire is still the most well-known, the Hurricane was technically better than the Spitfire and took down more aircraft during the battle of Britain. Its job was to shoot down the waves of enemy bombers heading for British shores while the Spitfire intercepted fighter aircraft which is why it is more well known. Its thick profile wings gave the gun platform excellent stability.

The Hurricane’s success was due to its incredible durability, which allowed it to keep flying even after sustaining lots of damage. Cannon rounds could pass through the rear fuselage structure without exploding. Hawker Hurricane pilots were known as “Aces” as they inflicted massive damage to enemy forces in the air, on the ground and at sea.

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Aeroplane Heaven’s Hawker Hurricane MK1

Aeroplane Heaven has developed a package with the Battle of Britain MK1 and the Tropicalised version. They have also equipped the Hurricane with a fully functional tail hook for carrier landings. The developers have recreated 14 authentic liveries from the real aircraft.

A clay unpainted texture has also been included alongside a paint kit for making your own authentic or fictional liveries. The developers have recreated every inch of the Hurricane, capturing its extensive details, flight dynamics, sounds, functional tail hook and three different aircraft models.

Key Features

Aeroplane Heaven has implemented a sound pack from WWise. This was developed in conjunction with a professional sound studio. This sound pack recreates the beautiful V12 Rolls Royce Merlin engine faithfully. The sounds add to the immersive experience you will feel with the rest of the aircraft. The Standard, Tropical and Sea Hurricane models have all been included in this single package.

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All three models have removable engine covers with a detailed Rolls Royce Merlin engine. Just like the real aircraft, the re-fuelling bowser and starting cart have been included for an excellent authentic experience. This fuel bowser has been recreated with authentic details and liveries to replicate what it would have looked like decades ago.

To go with the three included models and authentic sound pack by WWise, the team have recreated the flight dynamics from the Hurricane to its truest form. This will give you an exciting, realistic yet challenging experience when flying this beast. Along with removable engine covers, the aircraft comes with many different unique animations identical to the real-world Hurricane.

Taking the place of the pilot seat is an animated WW2 British pilot. This pilot is modelled correctly to represent the Battle of Britain uniform, goggles, headgear and oxygen mask. So when you look into the aircraft, you’ll see an authentic recreation of a pilot from this period. The developers have created High-fidelity models along with detailed features inside the cockpit to immerse yourself further.

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The Hawker Hurricane MK1 is available for MSFS on simMarket for €32.40. You can read about Aeroplane Heaven’s previous products here on FSNews. Do check us out for other flight sim-related news, announcements, releases, and more. Aeroplane Heaven has also shared a stunning release trailer for the product which can be viewed below.

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