Aeroplane Heaven Sabreliner Development Update for P3D

A few days ago, Aeroplane Heaven released a development update for their long awaited Sabreliner for P3D. The Developers say it’s near finished, and it is close to release. All that is left to work on are the flight dynamics polishing, manual writing, and sound work.

The Sabreliner is a North American trainer business jet. It’s first flight was September 16 of 1958, and it was introduced in 1962. The aircraft is still currently being used by the United States Air Force, Navy, and the Marine Corps.

You can find out more about the Aeroplane Heaven Sabreliner for P3D on the Aeroplane Heaven Facebook page and on the Aeroplane Heaven website.

Author: Evan

Aviation has been my passion since I was just 7 years old. I took my first flight lesson at 8, and now have my PPL. A few years ago I joined the flight sim community, and I loved it! I am now a developer for X-Plane 11, and am apart of this amazing team.