Aerosoft aiming December release A330 Professional

Over at the Aerosoft Forum’s Matthijs Kok shared some important information about theit upcoming, and highly anticipated Airbus A330 Professional product.

Also we were been given some information about the pricing, DRM and additional models and engine types. Ofcourse all mentioned is subject to change.

At the same time, some news for people who are attending FSWeekend at Lelystad in November, they can lay their hands on the A330 Professional to fly and try it!

The information shared:

  • The price will be roughly 60 Euro (plus VAT when applicable).
  • If you own any of the Airbus Professional products it will be roughly 45 Euro (plus VAT when applicable).
  • Aerosoft is now working with a first week of December release date.
  • There will be no paid livery packs or anything like that.
  • There will be NO additional charges when (if) more models or engine types are added
  • NO DRM so you can install as many times as you want on all the machines that you own.