5.6.2023 – 18:03z

Aerosoft Confirms Airbus A330 NEO as Exciting Future Project

Mathijs Kok announced the development of the Airbus A330 NEO in the Aerosoft community forums to follow the upcoming release of the Airbus A330 CEO for MSFS, confirming community suspicions resulting from the recent progress update post.

It appears Aerosoft plans to make a diverse lineup of A330 products for MSFS. It is still being determined if the A330 NEO will be packaged with the A330 CEO. However, Aerosoft’s CRJ series comes together in a single bundle; it is possible the A330 will be similar.

The community response following the announcement has been mixed. Many forum users are frustrated that Aerosoft is jumping straight to the NEO without fully developing the CEO series (i.e., including different engine options and the -200 version). Additionally, forum users are disappointed with the apparent decision to focus on the A320 following the release of the NEO, citing the already densely populated market for A320 options in MSFS.

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It is important to note that the only competition for the A330 NEO is the aircraft under development by Headwind Simulations. There is no other ongoing development for this aircraft, at least nothing that looks as promising as the two. Additionally, it is necessary to remember that many of MSFS’s users are Xbox players who can’t download the mods that PC simmers are used to (i.e., Fenix and FBW). With plans to release for Xbox at launch, Aerosoft is bridging the gap of high-quality airliners available to the platform’s players.

The Airbus A330 is a highly anticipated airliner, and it will make an excellent addon to the sim, no matter the specific version of the aircraft. While there is no word on the release date, stay up-to-date on all things A330 here with the latest developer update!

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