Aerosoft further previews Bratislava

Over on their forums, Aerosoft shared previews of their upcoming Bratislava M.R. Stefanik scenery. Aerosoft first announced Bratislava in September of last year, together with two other Slovakian Airports. This series of previews is the third of it’s kind, this time showing the city. That the airport addon would include city scenery was previously undetermined, but it is now confirmed that it will be included.

I was asked if there would be a city.

I have not given an exact answer.

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Now I can say with confidence that the city will be.

The developer had early said that they would like to make the city’s castle and several bridges across the Danube river. The city stadium will be included too. This has again been confirmed and expanded upon. The developer will also look at several high-rise buildings in the Slovakian capital. These city buildings will be placed on photoreal imagery for the city. Previously, the ground textures and ILS CAT lights were previewed. We know that the scenery will be developed for P3Dv4 and v5, nothing is known yet about MSFS compatibility.

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