Aerosoft informs about A330 release and EFB

On the Aerosoft forum Mathijs Kok has published some information about the EFB, Electronic Flight Bag, which will be included on their Airbus A330, along side new information about the plane.

Mathijs kicked off by sharing a screenshot of the EFB from the flight deck of the A330. The shot shows the final layout of the EFB that includes some main tabloids, which are accompanied by tabs running along the top, and sub categories on the left. The top tabs describe the types of information you can access, such as charts (navigraph or NavDataPro), flight calculator for working out trims for takeoff and landing, weather, documentation, flows, and checklists to operate the aircraft. There will also be 3rd party support through the final tab. Aerosoft has already added PMDG Global Operations and OnAir support, still leaving room for other developments.

Aerosoft informs about A330 release and EFB - Aerosoft, Prepar3D
Aerosoft informs about A330 release and EFB - Aerosoft, Prepar3D

The EFB also can be used in the 2D popup panel, the bezel for that is currently in development. Besides, the EFB will not control doors or payload/fuel. That can be done by using the 3rd MCDU. The EFB has support for PFPX and SimBrief documentation.

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Aerosoft informs about A330 release and EFB - Aerosoft, Prepar3D

Alongside the new EFB information, Mathijs shared some info on the diffuculties regarding the PBR and reallight implentation. He said ”Right now we only know that we can’t get RealLight and PBR not working together.”

Mathijs also announced some information about the icing feature on their A330. He states that they’ve added a maxiumum of 700kgs of ice to the airplane. Which will affact, drag, lift and weight. ”Don’t try to land with severe icing. Makes big holes in airports.”

Furthermore Mathijs said there has been some problems with the landing gear animation due to limitation of P3D. Lockheed Martin said to Aerosoft that this limitation will not be fixed on short term. Because of that, the A330 will be releaed with its current landing gear animation.

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Mathijs promised to share some videos regarding the landing gear animation and the EFB when it is in action. Furthermore Aerosoft is still aiming a 2019 release of the A330.

Last but not least, the team has been testing the A330 together with the newly released Ultimate Ground Crew X from FS2Crew, it is working perfect with Aerosofts A330.

Aerosoft informs about A330 release and EFB - Aerosoft, Prepar3D

When there is more news about the A330 we will be sure to update you!

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