Aerosoft Previews Oslo for MSFS

The team at Aerosoft has recently taken to their forums to preview their upcoming and much anticipated rendition of Oslo-Gardermoen (ENGM) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Although the developer shared a fair amount of pictures, the feature list is still unknown.

From the shared screenshots, we can assume that it will have all the premium features. These include PBR textures, static models, and a big amount of details modelled. We can see that the developer has brought to life the interior of the terminal. This is always a plus and immerses the user even more.

The departure and arrival screens are modelled too. It looks like the team developed a stand guidance system. This also gives the user a more immersive experience. The amount of details brought to life is very impressive. Everything has been modelled from inscriptions on the floor in the terminal to trash bins outside.

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The price and the release date haven’t been disclosed yet. To learn more about Aerosoft and their recent releases, I suggest you have a look at my recent article here.

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