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Aerosoft Releases Poprad-Tatry Airport for Prepar3D

Aerosoft Community developer Pavel1971, who is responsible for Košice International Airport and upcoming rendition of Bratislava International Airport of M.R. Štefánik, has released their rendition of Poprad-Tatry Airport.

The airport is located in northeast of Slovakia in Prešov county, located in northern part of Poprad city. Elevation of this airport is the highest in central Europe set at 2356 feet. From the airport approach, the High and Low Tatras are nicely visible. The airport offers destinations like London with Wizz or Riga with AirBaltic.

The scenery offers an 3D modelled interior with smallest details, where also modelled passengers are, moving train on a railway, changes to the surrounding mesh, animated locator at the airport, static aerodrome vehicles, PBR textures and much more.

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  • The interior of the passenger’s terminal of the airport is made in the smallest detail, in which there are zones of arrival and departure of passengers, a zone of control and waiting for boarding
  • The area in front of the airport has been made in detail, where trees and a parking lot are located. Around the airport, the road with markings and road signs. Automobile traffic was launched on several sections of the route. When landing on runway №27 you can see the road traffic
  • Flying over the airport, you can see a moving train on the railway
  • The area in front of the runway, where the lighting system is located, also takes into account the terrain and has a small angle of inclination
  • The scenery of Poprad airport has dynamic lighting that can be controlled using the configurator
  • Runway lighting, taxiway lighting, ALS works depending on weather conditions: reduced visibility, precipitation in the form of rain and snow. Also implemented a flashing light system
  • There is an animated locator at the airport, with a rotating antenna. Windsocks show the direction and strength of the wind
  • Models of static aerodrome transport vehicles, including fire fighting vehicles, fuel tankers and official vehicles, are made taking into account real vehicles that are used at Poprad – Tatry airport
  • Animated passengers, airport staff, including technicians, a dispatcher in the air traffic control tower, a flight crew with pilots and a flight attendant can also be seen at the airport
  • Around the airport and at the airport itself there are trees and grass and depending on the season, they are covered with autumn leaves or with snow in winter
  • During rain, the asphalt becomes wet and puddles appear
  • Configurator for fine tuning, in which it is possible to turn on or off: animated people; animation of airfield equipment; static models; 3D grass

You can buy this scenery through Aerosoft Store for €22.13.

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