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Aerosoft Releases Saint Croix for X-Plane 11

Back in October, the teams from Maps2XPlane and CDB Design have, together with Aerosoft, released their rendition of Saint Croix Airport (TISX) for X-Plane 11.

The airport is located on the largest island of the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It serves primarily destinations in the United States and on nearby islands. The scenery however does not bring only the airport alive, but also the nearby Seaplane Base and cities in close vicinity of the airport.

As for the features, custom ground textures are present throughout the scenery together with accurate models of terminals, buildings, and various objects. Further, the developers have worked hard on implementing a realistically sloped terrain profile for the runway and entire airport.

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The complete feature list can be found at the very bottom of the article. A set of previews can also be seen below and above showcasing the presented scenery.

The scenery can be purchased through Aerosoft’s website, or recently launched Aerosoft One client, for about €20.80 with VAT excluded.

Feature list

  • Highly detailed rendition of Henry E. Rohlsen Airport on Saint Croix
  • Accurate models of terminals, hangars and other buildings and objects
  • Custom ground textures, taxiway signage, static aircraft and vehicles
  • Detailed ground markings based on recent airport diagrams and charts
  • Realistically sloped terrain profile for the runway and entire airport
  • Custom Photo-Terrain-Mesh covering Saint Croix and surrounding islets
  • Custom Overlay-Scenery: Vegetation, Road Network and Autogen Buildings
  • Renditions of Christiansted and Frederiksted incl. selected landmarks
  • Rendition of the Christiansted Seaplane Base incl. selected buildings

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