Aerosoft Zurich 2.0 – Is it actually good?

Aerosoft has made a lot of various sceneries for flight sims including X-Plane 11. Aerosoft Zurich 2.0 is one of the best-made sceneries, that Aerosoft provides for X-Plane 11. I would like to say thanks to Aerosoft for making this review possible. Let’s get into the review!


The terminal buildings are actually very well designed. What I like about the terminal building the most are transparent glass panels and designed terminal interior, which I really appreciate since it adds a kinda more realistic feeling to the sim. It’s better to show you pictures rather than describing it.


When I was doing a review on Aerosofts Manchester airport scenery, I highlighted up the tarmac design and the detail of its wear. In Zurich, it is totally different, the terminal building is really well designed and the tarmac design is really bad. It’s so badly designed, that you can’t really tell if the scenery didn’t load properly or if it’s supposed to look like that.


Aerosoft did decent work on this scenery. I really like the terminal building design and night lightning. I found in total two things, that Aerosoft could work on, they are glass transparency (when looking through glass, you don’t see your plane) and tarmac detail, which is, to be honest quite bad. If I should rate the scenery from 0 to 10, I would give it an 8. I took that 2 points for the tarmac detail and other small bugs. For 25€ is this scenery totally worth it!

If you wish to buy this scenery, you can do so on Aerosoft offical website.


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