AirFioilLabs Cessna 172 Updated

AirFoilLabs, known for their great Cessna 172 add-on for X-Plane, today releases update for the Cessna 172. The update is focused especially on the flight model.

The update reworks the flight model, because of X-Plane 11.40 update. The stall, spin takoff and landing simulation has been improved, there are some camera views fixes and some more features, that you can find in the changelog below.


  • Flight model – complete rebuild of all model including airfoils using experimental flight models
  • Flight model – stall, spin, takeoff and landing behavior corrected
  • Camera view fixes
  • Electrical – voltage display now reflects correctly battery/gpu/generator voltage
  • Mixture joystick mapping added
  • General optimizations

Stay tuned on FSNews for more.

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