Airfoillabs Previews DC-3 Renders (XP11)

First announced just a few months ago, Airfoillabs has recently taken to their Facebook page to further preview renders of their up-and-coming study-level rendition of Douglas DC-3 aircraft for X-Plane 11.

The aircraft is still in modelling and texturing phase and was not yet exported to the simulator. A set of four previews was shared and can be seen below showcasing the aircraft interior renders. It is quite clear from the renders, that the developers at Airfoilalbs are aiming for a high level of detail.

No new information was disclosed on the expected release date and pricing details. As the developer wrote in the announcement post: “(..) we want a study level Dakota that we dream about and that is the priority.

Airfoillabs aims to make the aircraft user-friendly as well as realistic for the “hard simmers”, as the announcement post said back in January this year. As of right now, we know for certain, that the Dakota project will feature both C-47 (Military) and DC-3 (Airliner) variants, a custom FMOD sound pack based on real Pratt & Whitney engine recordings, and generally a certain level of realism as the whole project is consulted with a real DC-3 pilot and is based on the real aircraft.

In addition to the DC-3 renders, it was said, that the upcoming update for Airfoillabs’ rendition of KingAir 350 is slowly being completed and should be released soon.

Author: George

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