Airfoillabs Releases Bristell B23 for MSFS

Previously X-Plane-focused developer, Airfoillabs has today released their debut product, Bristell B23, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement was made through their social networks and email newsletter. The addon was initially announced to be for X-Plane. Yet, after Airfoillabs began receiving a high number of requests from the community, they made the decision to release it for MSFS instead.

The Bristell B23 is a Czech-made ultra-light aircraft that is often used for training. It can carry up to two people with a range of 600nm. For easy navigation, it is equipped with modern Garmin systems with G3x touch screens and an autopilot.

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Airfoillabs has been working closely with the manufacturer for over a year to ensure their rendition is accurate. The Airfoillabs team members are further also flying it regularly at their local air club. They commented: “We enjoy making things we love, and we’re sure you’ll love them too“.

You can now purchase the ultra-light for MSFS exclusively through the in-game Marketplace for $24.99.

It offers a number of features you would expect from a small piston aircraft addon. Unfortunately, like many other developers, Airfoillabs did not include a feature list hence we can only assume what it offers based on the previews.

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As the real B23, Airfoillabs’ rendition comes with modern Garmin systems. Thanks to the team’s experience with the aircraft and cooperation with the manufacturer, you can be pleased to hear that the aircraft has been accurately represented both texture and modelling-wise.

The addon also makes use of what MSFS can do and comes with very nice custom night lighting.

Bristell B23 for X-Plane

Unfortunately, with this, the team has made the decision to skip the X-Plane version of the aircraft.

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The team is, however, also currently working on a new variant of their well-known C172 study-level rendition – C172 NG ANALOG. It will be best suited for bush flying in X-Plane 12. It will not be released for X-Plane 11.

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