16.2.2022 – 19:07z

Airfoillabs Updates their Cessna 172 NG For X-Plane 11

Airfoillabs has updated their Cessna 172 NG addon for X-Plane 11 equipped with the modernised G1000 systems. They announced this through their Facebook page. The aircraft has been released on the X-Plane.org Store on the 14th of December 2021.

Může jít o obrázek venku

This update brings the aircraft to version 1.3.1. The update includes fixes and some tuning to certain variables. Firstly, the fuel consumption was tuned to make the aircraft more realistic in terms of the fuel used. This brings values closer to the real-life counterpart. Temperatures within the aircraft were also altered.

For those who like flying using the 2D panels. The developers have changed their textures making them look a lot cleaner and modern. The failure system logic has been disabled during replay, to avoid incorrect failures.

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The 2D throttle manipulators have also been refined and the switch panel manipulators now have functionality to them so they can be used.

If you wish to purchase this aircraft off of the X-Plane.org Store for a price of $49.95, you can by clicking here.

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