17.4.2020 – 16:18z

Airworthy Designs updated TNCM and TFFJ for XP11

Airworthy Designs has today, after over 4 months of silence, released an update for both Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM) and Saint Barthélemy Airport (TFFJ) renditions for X-Plane 11. Based on the post, TNCM v1.8 patch is now available to be downloaded via the .org store while TJFF v1.1 update is incoming.

The new version of TNCM, based on the changelog, consists of only one item, and that is a big increase in FPS by trimming surrounding micro details. TFFJ scenery, on the other hand, will feature ground traffic, added missing detail or moving yacht around the scenery during the runtime, for example. As usual the complete changelog can be found below.

If you want to purchase the sceneries, you can do so via the .org store for $32.95 (TNCM) and $26.95 (TFFJ).

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Changelog (TNCM)

  • heave increase in FPS performance by trimming surrounding micro details

Changelog (TFFJ)

  • added missing detail
  • groundtraffic (maritime traffic)
  • some pilots were using the presence of the big yacht as a landmark for approach, now this yacht changes position during runtime
  • blue runway lights have been repositioned outside of apron

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