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Anticipated Airbus A300 by iniBuilds Released

The iniBuilds team has recently confirmed that the highly anticipated rendition of Airbus A300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator would be released this week, and the developer delivered on their promises, as today, 28th of December 2023, the plane is officially available to be purchased.

iniBuilds is already responsible for one rendition of this aircraft, the A300-600 “On The Line” for X-Plane 11 and 12 released a few years ago. The website of this aircraft for Asobo’s platform mentions that this marks the return of a flagship product.

The A300 is a longer sister to the A310, released as freeware by the same developer a year back for the 40th Anniversary edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. These planes share some common functionalities and the systems are very similar. Thus, if you are able to fly the A310, you will surely have no trouble flying the A300 as well.

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The rendition offers a detailed simulation of this aircraft, and the add-on is very close to the real counterpart. There is a detailed, custom FMS with SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plan, custom VNAV and LNAV, constraints and holds. These FMS are independent of each other, meaning that both captain and first officer have their own management computers.

There also are custom hydraulics, electrical and pressurisation systems, including the unique trim tank functionality, only available on the A300-600R. Autoland is present as well, and an immersive experience is achieved by precise flight model and in-flight characteristics.

From the sensual point of view, the plane offers PBR textures in 8K resolution, a reworked 3D cockpit model and new exterior models for both passenger and freighter variants. Speaking of the sounds, there is an authentic WWise soundset with a full 3D environment and advanced implementation of sound environments, differing from the exterior, cabin and cockpit.

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So far, there are two variants of the plane available, those are the A300-600R, the passenger version, and the A300-600F, the freighter version. More variants are coming later this year.

If you love to break down add-ons to its core, there are some easter eggs you might want to find as well. Lastly, the developer also included an EFB for easy procedure preparation.

As promised, you can get the A300 via the iniBuilds store for approximately €40.32.

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