9.2.2024 – 04:32z

Asobo Releases Latest Local Legend: the Bell 47J for MSFS

Asobo announced via their blog the release of the first helicopter in the Local Legends series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Bell 47J Ranger is the 14th addition to this collection of iconic aircraft, available to buy now in the in-game marketplace.

Take Control of the Bell 47J Ranger

Developed by the American manufacturer Bell Helicopter, the Bell 47J Ranger first took off in 1956 as part of the Bell 47 family of rotorcraft. It’s one of the most important in the early ages of helicopters, even transporting the president of the United States for the first time in a helicopter. It had a more powerful two-blade main rotor powered by a VO-540-B1B piston engine. The extra performance lifted a four-seat configuration, larger than the previous Bell 47H, able to transport 3 passengers and the pilot. Bell manufactured 361 of this type in different variations for military and civilian uses.

This helicopter features a central console centered in the front of the cabin for a single-pilot operation, complemented by a 180-degree field of view windscreen for an unobstructed view from the pilot. Also, the skids can be changed between a conventional or fitted with floats.

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Asobo’s blog post states that their new product was created with “stunning detail” for pilots to experience on both PC and Xbox, including seven liveries for each variant. The Local Legends 14: Bell 47J is available in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for USD $14.99. You can check our previous Local Legends article here.

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