15.1.2021 – 09:21z

AUscene Releases Parafield – Adelaide for MSFS

Legacy scenery developer AUscene has recently released their second scenery for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator; Parafield Airport (YPPF) located in Adelaide, South Australia.

The scenery features a highly detailed rendition of Parafield Airport, HD PBR textures, Detailed buildings and aprons, dynamic rain on control tower glass, custom photoreal signs, and much more.

The scenery, which is currently on sale, is available to be purchased on the developers website for approximately €12.11 here. Alternatively the airport can also be purchased on simMarket for approximately €12.95 here.

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Parafield Airport located in Adelaide, Australia and was built in 1927 and is home to many flying schools. The airport is used often for recreational flying and additionally hosts a historic aircraft museum with many fighter jets and old aircraft on display. The airport is not used commercially.


  • Hand Crafted Rendition of Parafield for MSFS
  • MSFS Native Product
  • High Resolution PBR textures
  • Detailed aprons
  • Dynamic rain on control tower glass
  • Bespoke details
  • Custom photoreal signs
  • Genuine night experience
  • Custom taxiway lines and markings
  • Detailed Static Aircraft and AI Traffic Ready
  • Dynamic lighting

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