22.7.2020 – 18:54z

Aviacraft Releases Matavia Mod v4 for FlightFactor A320

AviaCraft has released a new version of their modification of Flight Factor A320 for X-Plane 11, Matavia mod v4 adds more features and improves the mod and overall feeling of the aircraft.

The Matavia mod v4 improves the visuals of the aircraft, like 3D cockpit windows, new light effects, better reflections, new cockpit textures, enhanced exterior lights, improves the wheel and tire texture, and much more.

Also, the mod adds a possibility to add 3D satcom antena to the aircraft, or, you can have sharklets and IAE variants, these 3 can be combined.

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⦁    Enhenced exterior lights – beacon, strobe, landing, taxi, navigation
⦁    Personalized cockpit texture + reflections

⦁    Personalized cockpit and cabin lights + colors
⦁    Personalized windshield and windows texture + reflections
⦁    Personalized 4K engine texture + reflections
⦁    Personalized wing texture + reflections
⦁    Personalized tail and elevator texture + reflections
⦁    Personalized cabin texture + night texture

⦁    Personalized cabin lights colors
⦁    Improved wheel and tire texture

⦁    Added 3D window shutter + windows
⦁    Added 3D Cockpit Windows
⦁    Compatible with “Ground Handling Deluxe”
⦁    X-Camera setup config
⦁    Added 3D Satcom
⦁    Added 3D Sharklets

The mod can be downloaded for free via Aviacraft website.

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